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FINE Kelp Root
Soy Sauce
(Low Sodium)

 Premium Grade Wild Cordyceps Liquid

  •  Treasureable product made from Premium Grade Wild Cordyceps which grows only at an altitude of 3500 to 4000 meters in the algid mountain in QingHai and Tibet.


  •    Liquid form of Cordyceps with Abundant amount of "Unique Active Ingredients",  rich in polysaccharides, adenosine, amino acids and trace elements.   Rate of absorption is much better than that of other traditional cooking methods.


  •    Quality Assurance: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standard;  Registration of HK Proprietary Chinese Medicines; Test Results on Toxic Elements, Micro-organisms and Pesticides Residue are completely fulfill the HK Government requirement.


  •     Significant Health Benefits: Strengthen body health, improves cardiac and pulmonary function, protect liver and prevent from fatigue, help better sleep and improve body metabolism.  Enhance immunity and removal of free radicals in order to slow down the aging process.


  •    A box of 20 vials x 10ml per vial;  HK$3,180 per box.


 Major Ingredients

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